On the Elements

If I wanted more subjective normative opinions I’d go to YouTube I’m here for actual objective statements of fact

Go and brush up your comprehension skills first.

Sure right after you write sentences that make sense.

Also you said hydrogen wasn’t that key of an element yet it’s part of the 6 out of the entire periodic table that’s my point that it is key

Since biomolecules (organic compounds) are usually defined as those which contain C-H bonds, you’re basing a conclusion on a definiton - not very convincing.

Anyway, there are plenty of molecules produced or forming part of living organisms that do not contain hydrogen. The hardest one is probably aragonite (CaCO3).

You are still mischaracterizing my position because of your terrible comprehension of my comments.

He is right. Hydrogen is a key player in structural and functional biochemistry.

He’s right that hydrogen has a (key) role to play in life.

He’s wrong that it is in all molecules found in life.

I didn’t say all molecules I said all biomolecules.

He specifically mentioned “biomolecules” not all “molecules found in life” and he is right. All biomolecules (that is, molecules produced by living organisms) contain hydrogen: lipids, nucleotides, nucleic acids, carbohydrates (mono- and polysaccharides), amino acids, polypeptides (oligopeptides and proteins) all contain hydrogen.

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Hey, this is a family friendly forum. What did you expect? :wink:


I like to write poetry too. You have talent. But if you have to explain it for people to understand, imo that means you need to work on it more.

Thank you. The only reason I wrote the explanation was to highlight its relation to science, after all this is a science and not a poetry forum.

Read the following conversation and tell me if I denied hydrogen being part of water:

What I said still applies.

You didn’t. As I see it, the misunderstanding was that you inferred @LogosOfLogic was only talking about why hydrogen is where it is on the periodic table when instead he was making two separate points. Then he didn’t understand that you misunderstood his points and you had rightly criticized what you thought he meant. And then it devolved into a petty argument.

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I think you are right about the two separate and mutual misunderstandings or misapplications, as well as the assessment about the entropy into bickering.

Thank you.

Now you misunderstand him and me. Let me explain what he was trying to get at.

God is the foremost entity: he is number one. God is also associated with life. Hydrogen is number one on the periodic table and is also associated with life. The dots should be easy to connect now.

I replied telling him that hydrogen is number one on the periodic table of elements not because of its roles in living systems but simply (and only) because of its mass. If hydrogen was not associated with life, it would still be number one on the periodic table.

Aragonite (CaCO3) is a molecule produced by living organisms which does not contain hydrogen. So by your definition of biomolecule he is wrong.

By his definition (whatever it is) he may be right.

But this is definition quibbling, which is usually pointless because it has no effect on either facts or the legitimacy of arguments, and is normally the tactic of creationists.

There’s antimony, arsenic, aluminum, selenium…

True. You said hydrogen was in all bimolecules, which is correct for some definitions of biomolecules. I retract that comment.