On the Elements

Quantum Query

Particle or wave?

To damn or to save?

Where is the meaning?

Why is there believing?

There can not be good if there is only evil.

The energy is caged and the matter is feeble.

The elemental key.

Is seeing the elements as they be.

Hydrogen carbon and phosphorus.

God and the devil lost in us.

  1. Hydrogen, since it’s number one on the periodic table and the most abundant as well as the necessary component of water which is also necessary for life, would be associated with God of course.
  2. We are carbon-based live forms.
  3. Finally the 15th element on the periodic table of elements is of course phosphorus from its Latin root. But in Greek it would actually be called luciferos relates to the English Lucifer, the light bringer.

This is what I mean when I say hydrogen carbon and phosphorus, God and the devil lost in us.

Not lithium? What about the trinity?

Sorry definitely no lithium maybe Sulphur for Demons Nitrogen for Angels and Oxygen for ?

CHNOPS six main
carbon (C), hydrogen (H), nitrogen (N), oxygen (O), phosphorus (P) and sulphur (S).

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Laboratory analysis of CHNOPS (Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Sulphur) by EA-TCD

7 April 2020

What are CHNOPS?

The term CHNOPS is a mnemonic acronym for the six main chemical elements that make up living things. They are carbon (C), hydrogen (H), nitrogen (N), oxygen (O), phosphorus (P) and sulphur (S).

When we talk about CHON , we are referring to the first four chemical elements on this list.

As a result, all biological molecules (or biomolecules) contain carbon and hydrogen like lipids. Nitrogen is found in amino acids and nucleic bases (the main constituents of proteins and genetic material), in many co-factors and prosthetic groups.

Oxygen is particularly present in carbohydrates and in many functional groups. Phosphorus is involved in the structure of nucleic acids and phospholipids (which play a major structural role in biological membranes) and in the energy metabolism of cells by ADP.

Finally, sulphur is part of the composition of many proteins through two animated acids (cysteine and methionine) where it plays a catalytic or structural role."

Oxygen is what living beings breathe, as far as animals are concerned and not plants, I would say that oxygen may be the Holy Spirit for the breath of God.

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I’m just hoping you don’t take any of this chemical numerology seriously.


Hydrogen is number one on the periodic table because it has the smallest atomic mass in the universe. It has nothing to do with it being part of water or playing key roles in the functional and structural biochemistry of living organisms.

Plants, animals, aerobic and facultative microbes all use oxygen for respiration.

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Hydrogen is present in all bimolecules so it definitely has a role to play in life.

I take it quite seriously from a philosophical point of view but not from a scientific point of view otherwise it would be classified as pseudo science.

Did I deny it had no role to play in biochemistry?

No you just discounted the role it that plays and you also state that it has nothing to do with water even though it’s a bond of H20

Lying doesn’t look good on you. Produce the comments of mine showing I denied hydrogen having anything to do with life or isn’t part of water. I wonder how someone like me who has a BSc in Biochemistry would make such outrageous claims.

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No one is lying. I said you denied it. I said you discounted the role it plays.

You also said it has nothing to do with water even though it forms the chemical bond of H20 btw I never asked for your C.V.

Being part of chnops makes it key enough out of the entire periodic table of elements were talking about 6 elements so it’s definitely key. If it doesn’t play as vital as a role as perhaps phosphorus or oxygen that’s a separate issue.

You really do have a problem comprehending what you read. Let’s go back. Take your time to understand what I am saying.

In the above comment I was telling you the real reason hydrogen was number one on the periodic table. I told you that it is the smallest element in terms of mass and that kept it as the first element in the periodic table. Whether hydrogen is functional or not anywhere else is inconsequential to its placement on the periodic table.

More importantly, in that very comment I clearly stated it was part of water and played essential roles in biochemistry. Comprehend comments before you reply them.

Now you are beginning to irritate me with these naked lies. I never denied hydrogen was important in biology.

These are your words not mine do you deny them now?

They are my words and your poor comprehension of them is making you tell lies.

Sure if you say so but it seems pretty straightforward you say it has nothing to do with water then later on you say it does I’m OK thank you this has been not productive

You have poor comprehension skills. Period.