Organizing Peaceful Science

You guys are very kind. The most effective thing you is make personal invitations to people, and give them reason to stay by treating the kindly.

I should not be the focus. I’m doing my thing, but really look for other scientists to invite here

Many are doing even more important work than me. @sygarte, for example, is becoming well known in atheist circles. He has a book coming out, where he tells his story of moving from atheism to Jesus. Look at him dialoguing with an atheist (with exact opposite journey, from Christianity to Atheism)…

He is also the editor the God and Nature ASA Magazine. He is a big deal, and I"m hoping he will tell more of his story here in the coming months. There is no organization out there to support scientists like him. Show them love, and they will grow our community. I do not know how this 70 year old did it, but he is legit twitter famous.

Sort of. Doing Veritas Forums all the time, and was just invited to do another top secret project. Stay tuned for details on that.

For TED, anyone can nominate speakers. In a venue like that, I would leave out the religious content, and instead do an introduction on genealogical vs. genetic ancestry. It is beautiful and surprising no matter what you believe about God. So feel free nominate me. It could be fun.

There is a much less ambitious project that needs to be done. I need someone to somehow organize all my disparate contributions on this into a single directory, with summaries. I’m making contributions in several places, and I haven’t even linked to more than half of them yet.

Once again, this isn’t really about me. There is no need for a documentary about me. Though, an orderly account my contributions would very helpful.

I’m not wanting to publcly challenge people =/. The only reason I posted about Dr. Fazale Rana is because he publicly commented on my work. He admits he has not even read it, but feels he is qualified to say it is wrong. For that reason, I publicly invited him to dialogue so everyone can know that I really want to talk to him, to help him understand the basics here, but he will not talk to me. This is a challenge he initiated not me.

You can submit articles here to new aggregators like RealClearReligion and RealClearScience. It is always received better from a third-party (not me). Passionate members of the public have real sway with journalists. Point them to quality work, and they will often link to it, or even cover it.

I have been fortunate. You can read about my scientific work here:

And also here:

I need to get out a book on Genetic and Genealogical Ancestry immediately. My wife is pestering (in the most wise and kind way imaginable) about this daily. That is where the focus is. My personal story is not nearly as important as that. Maybe in a few decades, so my kiddos can understand their old man.

I did publish one important article recently, which is one part of my story. I was serializing on the blog for a while, but never got around to finishing it. What do you think of it?