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Hi Peaceful Science!

This is a bit of a break in the overall heavy debating and scientific jargon that goes on here, but I was curious about something. How does someone not in academia find like-minded intelligent people into the sciences that you could befriend and just bounce ideas off of? Don’t get me wrong, this forum is great, but it can’t replace simply talking face to face with a buddy, bantering back and forth, trying to figure out the great mysteries of this world together. Are there conferences you can go to? Local meetings that I can search for? Looking mainly for people at least familiar with if not open to a religious worldview that are also very much interested in the sciences and how they relate to origins.


Hi @Bryar_Kader :slight_smile:
This is a rather broad question, but I can offer a few suggestions. Look for blogs or Twitter accounts of people you want to interact with, and interact with them. There are some good FaceBook groups for Evangelicals who accept and appreciate science. You could also find people on forums (this or others) and send them a private message to open discussion.

As for face-to-face interaction, that is up to you. When you find someone, ask a well defined question, and say something about the sort of answer you are looking for, rather than leaving it open-ended. Respect their time and privacy. Establish bounds for what parts of the discussion you will share with others or keep private. If you disagree with what they tell you, respect that answer. That can be a point of discussion, but don’t argue.

Happy hunting!

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I find I have more to say …

I have done well by making friends among those pro-science Evangelicals I mentioned, That point of common ground is a good start for building friendships. I don’t agree with them on every point, but If I present my disagreements politely as my opinion, and they respect me for it. Somethings there share the same concerns.

It may take some effort to find what you are looking for. I know there must be many pro-science Christians out there, but it took me years before I found them in any number. cast a wide net, don’t be afraid of respectful argument, as that can be a good way to earn respect.


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