Our Fearless Leader at Faith Ascent Base Camp

Here are some great pics of Josh talking to high schoolers after his talk discussing the new book and associated topics. It’s an hour after his talk ended and students are still asking questions and listening intently.


Great students. I love spending time with them.


They swarmed me afterwards. It was flattering. These are good kids and they are looking for a better way forward. I think they will show us that way.


Great outreach. Nice work. Just to make sure everyone knows what a great science educator you are, do you similar efforts with children at secular STEM camps?

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I would go to a secular STEM camp if invited. Do you know one that might invite me? :slight_smile:


Just an “Ordinary Day” here at Faith Ascent Base Camp with a Camp favorite Dr. S Joshua Swamidass! Do you think students care about the Science & Theology of Adam & Eve? Do you think they care about seeking authentic truth? Do you think they care about what they believe and why?

I think so!!! This is how he looks after a lecture and he has the patience, tolerance and humility to stay with these students as long as it takes and it’s just fine if they walk away and respectfully disagree! This is the real lesson here!! He makes you think, seek, unpack and consider… ~and it is good!

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