Paleontologists Find 635-Million-Year-Old Land Fungus-Like Fossils |

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From the article:

“About 635 million years ago, when the Ediacaran period began, our planet was recovering from the Cryogenian global glaciation,” the researchers said.

“At that time, ocean surfaces were frozen to a depth of more than a kilometer and it was an incredibly harsh environment for virtually any living organism, except for some microscopic life that managed to thrive.”

Genesis 1:9 And God said, “Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together into one place, and let the dry land appear.” And it was so.

Could it be that the dry land appeared because it had been covered by ice, and the ice melted exposing the dry land? Could this be the beginning of Day 3?

No, this discovery is not related to Genesis 1:9

Upon what foundation does your assertion rest?

Science. And Bible isn’t a science book.

The Bible does contain history. Science may uncover historical facts, that is, evidence of historical events. In so doing these events don’t get ‘removed from history’ and put into a ‘bucket of science’. The Bible could contain revealed history that science subsequently discovers and adds details to.

This event seems to mark a fundamental step forward in making the Earth more habitable. Should the Ediacaran be considered part of the Phanerozoic (aka visible life)? Normally, that starts with the Cambrian, but along with the Avalon, maybe a re-labeling is in order.

The bible does contain some history of a very limited time period in Earth history - 2000 years vs. 4.5 billion years. The bible is limited in geographic scope to a small portion of the Middle East compared to the entire planet. The article I posted refers to scientific evidence of what kind of life on Earth’s land masses 635 million years ago. Sorry but the bible isn’t applicable to this time period at all.

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