Panda's Thumb: Eric Holloway needs our help

Our friend @EricMH continues to draw attention, but it seems his views are unchanged since the discussions here. Please keep in mind that Eric is a member here and we want to encourage his participation: limit criticisms to the math and interpretations, not the person.


Thanks. This is what I posted in the comments.

Eric Holloway appears to have acknowledged that Dembski’s work does not apply to biology at Peaceful Science. There are several threads there that exposed large inconsistencies in his thinking, and he acknowledged them. This unfolded over several exchanges, that are unfortunately difficult to summarize. You can find them here: You are right though. He does need our help. My impression that he is an honest guy, honestly confused. He does not appear to be dishonest, and does not merit any attacks on his person.

I insist that in @EricMH case especially that all ad hominems are off limits. I think he is wrong, but he also does not merit any abuse from anyone. I will not tolerate it here. Confine critique to his ideas.



If i think he is wrong that his case can prove God’s work, i cannot help him with that point.

If i think he is right that the Universe is designed, i dont think he needs help with an obvious, but non-scientific conclusion.

So… what might i do?


pray for him?


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