Particles from Space may have Given Early Biomolecules an Evolutionary Nudge

Well this is fun. @gbrooks9’s cosmic ray theory of God’s guidance might have just gotten some support behind it. Is this vindication?


This does not actually seem to constitute an explanation for how the homochirality of biological molecules originated, it merely serves to provide some sort of putative selective explanation for why a biosphere with one chirality might have a selective, evolutionary advantage over another. We are still left wondering why these two competing (left-handed vs right-handed) biospheres came to be homochiral in the first place.

Another unconsidered problem, at least in that pop-sci article is, why we get the D-isomers of sugars, and the L-isomers of amino acids.

I think the paper is Globus, N. and Blandford, R.D., 2020. The Chiral Puzzle of Life. The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 895(1), p.L11.

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True, but cosmic rays! Perhaps you haven’t been around long enough to understand the monumental significance this has to @gbrooks9 :slight_smile: .

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Seems to basically confirm the pop-sci article, in that we aren’t provided an explanation for how we end up with a homochiral double helix in the first place, it’s just assumed that a helical polymer somehow emerges from a racemic mixture. And then this selective pressures favors one hirality over the other.