Patrick on ID Information Theory

My background is in Information theory. I looked into @EricMH ID Information Theory and found it to be nonsense. I am still trying to see how Information Theory can be used to study biology. Sure you can call the natural process when DNA “codes” how to create proteins but I don’t see any evidence of ID in it, just purely an evolved natural chemical process.


I’m always happy to hear any specific errors you have found.

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Let’s start with information = entropy. What are the mathematical formulas for information and entropy?

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I respect the openness @EricMH. I’ll let you and @patrick hash it out here, and plan to largely (completely?) stay out of this one.

Let’s grant the formulae are the same. What is the conclusion?

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Ok now we are getting some where. Given that we start with Shannon’s 1948 paper, what are your conclusions about information/entropy in biological systems?

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I don’t know much about biology so cannot really say.

Do you have some specific error in mind that you spotted in my previous discussions here? If not, I’ll have to be on my way.

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Is there something preventing you from learning about biology?

So you don’t know much about biology, you just know all the world’s biologists are wrong about biological evolution. Tell us again why anyone should take your claims seriously?

You might be interested in an article written by Thomas Schneider.