Patterns in Science and Origins Logos

What patterns do you notice?

Granted, there are some outliers, such as The Museum of the Bible. Still curious what patterns you identify, and how we can build a strong brand image for PS.

Lots of blue and brown.

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Yes blue. I don’t think its brown though. Looks more like red, right?

No, I’d say brown – chocolate brown, at least for the two doves in the first two images, and the word BioLogos in the second image. With perhaps a dark cherry tinge flavoring the brown in the last two RC images. Really dark cherry can look like chocolate brown. Possibly a rust-cherry mixture for the right-hand top BioLogos. The only straight red is in the second Carver Project image, and in the last letter of the AAAS, and that final red S may be a bit toward the “rust” side.

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I think our colors are going to be black and white with green highlights.


I was thinking you should throw some green into the mix. :slight_smile:

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@swamidass That’s not any RED consumers would call RED.
This is red…


For patterns, I see lots of “symbols” connected to nature - - whether it be Cosmos-related, Bird-related, or even “mathematical shell” related.

Maybe “Reasons to Believe” has the right angle? … even if it isn’t the right color…

Here are the exact properties of the brownish red used in the “Cosmic” RTB logo

But maybe a deep rich blue would be more appealing to the general audience?

Oooops… I just noticed that you have already specified:

My mother would say: "That sounds very nice too!"

Blue is baby boomer code for “trusted” which is why it is so common among this generation old organizations.

Black and white conveys our values on neutrality, clarity, and undistorted evidence. Green suggests both biology and new growth. These colors also stand out from the pack as distinctive.