Pope’s ‘rainbow’ cross considered by many as a major PR disaster

@PdotdQ what do you say to this?

I support more inclusion of LGBT+ voice in both internal and external conversations in the Catholic Church. That said, anyone who has lived in California for more than a few years can tell you that the rainbow Francis wore is very obviously not the LGBT+ rainbow. This is just journalists trying to make a big story out of nothing, as usual.

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That’s fairly obvious.

Both a journalist and an anti-Catholic (probably) Anglican Archbishop trying to capitalize on some of the Pope’s (seemingly) more liberal stances.

And Ken Ham likes to project rainbow lights on his ark-shaped tourist attraction as his reminder of the role of the rainbow in the Noahic Covenant. (Yet again, as a P.R. move to win favor with his donors, Ham’s tactics are admittedly brilliant.)


Ken Ham is, unfortunatelly, not as stupid as some of us would like to think.

He is a brilliant populist. I’ve been watching and learning for years now.


Yes, he knows what he is doing. I know several couples who regularly “tithe” (and tithe heavily!) to Answers in Genesis. So despite all of the “noise” on the Internet about the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter “failing” due to allegedly disappointing attendance, the actual facts are that lots of people (even many people who will never visit either tourist attraction) donate many millions of dollars per year to support these enterprises. [Yes, the Ark Encounter is a commercial venture while AIG is non-profit but there are plenty of ways in which the monies cross between those entities.] Thus, I doubt that Ham is actually “losing money” on these operations.


Ham is nothing but a big time con artist, someone P.T. Barnum would be proud of. It’s not Ham who’s going to lose money. It’s the poor folks of Williamstown KY who floated $62 milllion in junk bonds and provided huge tax breaks to help finance Ark Encounter. As of 3Q 2018 Ark Encounters is bringing in approx. half of Ham’s projected revenues. I feel sorry for the people of KY. who didn’t approve of Ham’s folly but who will still be left holding the bag.


I do not think think he is a con artist. Con artists know they are selling falsehood. All indications are that Ken Ham buys what he is selling. That doesn’t make him right, but it means he is not a con-artist.

What is so impressive about him is ability to own the internet, far more quickly than anyone else, and to so effectively find and drive home the rhetorical high ground. His opponents concede this high ground to him everytime. It is the brilliance of 1984. He restructures language to give himself the strong position with his base, and no one challenges on this because he is running circles around other origin groups, including other YEC groups.

Im honestly impressed by the machevellian genius of it all.


I want to go see the ark AIG made! Even though I think the devil uses Ken Ham to produce a good many cranky ex-Christians, I want to see Noah’s ark! Haha. That’s cool. They should try to see if it floats. I doubt it would.

Credit where credit is due, huh?

Let me know when you are going. If you pay for my Ark Encounter Ticket, I’ll buy dinner in the near empty restaurants in Williamstown. Note that I can’t buy Ark Encounter Tickets myself as it goes against my sincerely held secular humanist non-beliefs.

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