Prebiotic synthesis of pyrimidine/purines

I had a student from my RNA Biology class send me this article earlier today.

As a little side-note, I could not help smirking a bit when reading part of the abstract.

RNA is constructed from purine and pyrimidine nucleosides, both of which are required for accurate information transfer, and thus Darwinian evolution.

Apparently, it isn’t just the DI that uses this term erroneously!

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Looks interesting. Do you have a copy? I can’t find a free version on google scholar.

@cwhenderson, how did you manage to fight the temptation to go with a full-bore four-for-four—if not an outright shameless five-by-five—alliteration? (At three-for four you were so close to a grand slam!)

I have no self-respect whatsoever, so I would have been puerily prone to post “Plausible Prebiotic Production of Pryimidine/Purines” if I had had the chance.

(And to those pesky pedants who may protest: the plosive word, puerily, though perhaps peculiarly opaque and unpopular, is nevertheless—per se—a properly picked adverb, perfectly and particularly appropriate to this pubescent post. Profuse pardons. Please.)


I’m quite sad now that I realize I missed a golden opportunity :frowning:

The link took me to a full version, but I can send you a PDF if you want to send me your email address in a private message.