Predictability Problems in Physics

If that “computer” is God, it certainly could. This is the view put forward, for example by Jon Kvanvig.

God is a “computer”. That’s original. That is better than God is a celestial machine. Or the blind watchmaker.
What’s next God is AI?

Not merely a computer :smile:.

Yes, all powerful, omnipotent, all knowledgeable, always on, everywhere and nowhere, sort of like Google without any hardware or software. :sunglasses:

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I agree with this.

This I find harder to agree. I think it is possible that whatever mechanism by which God works His purposes on the Universe are still deterministic at least up to the wavefunction level, or as @dga471 suggested might even be superdeterministic. If not, then I think it does trouble me.


Perhaps it is superdeterministic. I’m just say we shouldnt be concerned of it isn’t.

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