Ravens and the Cain & Abel Story in Quran

I believe Raven (Genus Corvus) can help. Corvus - Wikipedia

In the Quran here:
Al-Maidah (The Table, The Table Spread); 5:27-32

Story Cain and Abel
fabaʿatha l-lahu ghurāban yabḥathu fī l-arḍi liyuriyahu kayfa yuwārī sawata akhīhi qāla yāwaylatā aʿajaztu an akūna mith’la hādhā l-ghurābi fa-uwāriya sawata akhī fa-aṣbaḥa mina l-nādimīn

Thereupon God sent forth a raven which scratched the earth, to show him how he might conceal the nakedness of his brother’s body. [And Cain] cried out: “Oh, woe is me! Am I then too weak to do what this raven did,38 and to conceal the nakedness of my brother’s body?” - and was thereupon smitten with remorse.39

38 Lit., “to be like this raven”.

39 Lit., “became of those who feel remorse”. The thought of burying his dead brother’s body, suggested to Cain by the raven’s scratching the earth, brought home to him the enormity of his crime.

How many species of ravens are there? How many species of ravens can use tool and do the funeral? And where could we find this spesific species on earth?


That’s a phylogeny of the genus Corvus, which includes many species. Some of them are called ravens, usually the larger ones, and some of them are called crows. What you’re thinking of is probably Corvus corax, the northern or common raven, which is holarctic in distribution. What is this helping, exactly?

Crows, ravens, magpies, and jays are not just feathered machines, rigidly programmed by their genetics. Instead, they are beings that, within the constraints of their molecular inheritance, make complex decisions and show every sign of enjoying a rich awareness.
(Candace Savage)

I suppose that this burial ability (if true) was stored or embedded in the ravens genetics code and passed on to the next generation. Can any molecular biologist scientist measure how long this ability has been in that ravens? Can this be done? If this ability was obtained when God inspired this ravens to guide Cain, it means that we can roughly estimate the time period when Cain and Abel lived. Of course this is only an assumption (there is a possibility that this ability was obtained before the incident Cain killed Abel)

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You must understand that this is just a story with no basis in fact. Also, “burial ability” isn’t stored in genetic code. If there’s anything relevant, it’s general intelligence and ability to learn new behaviors. You mention tool use; as far as I know ravens are not known to use or make tools. So far that’s limited to a few species of crows. Many species of corvids bury things, storing food for later. None of that has anything to do with the story. So no, I don’t think there’s any way to estimate the time when Cain and Abel lived.