Recovering from Origins PTSD

Just more Christian psychobabble by the Biologos organization. No one over there willing to put their name on it. The piece says nothing of value. There is nothing authoritative about the Bible. It is full of errors, inconsistencies, immoralities, injustices.

Wow, that was the intellectual equivalent of a drive by shooting. No one ever wants to put their name on it? Pretty much everything there has the author’s name except for the common questions type stuff.

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Biologos is dead. No longer a relevant voice.

I find that hard to believe with the amount you and other people on this forum talk about them.


Yeah, I agree with that. It seems like many people including me have some sort of PTSD with regard to Biologos. @swamidass @Eddie and me and others have this compulsion to be vindicated of the transgressions of the little measly organization. It is ridiculous how we let Biologos get into our head. Perhaps a group intervention or exorcism is needed. :grinning:

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Thanks @T.j_Runyon.

I agree that BioLogos is a very important voice of very high relevance. Of all the established positions in the debate they are most aligned with good science and good theology. They have a $2M budget, name recognition, and a deep network. They absolutely matter.

That is why I follow what they do and say. This is why their “mishandling” of the Genealogical Adam is so consequential. This is why their past “mishandling” of inerrancy was so tragic. This is why I am so concerned that their scientific reputation is reduced in the wake of these mistakes.

I knew about many of these issues before I joined BioLogos and expected to be a largely anonymous member of the team, working to improve the whole picture. I would likely still be there if I hadn’t been kicked out.

Yes, I’ve been injured by them. Still, since at least May 2018, I’ve not been burdened or bitter about it. Explaining here the circumstances underwhich I was asked to leave was important. That is not a secret I was or am willing to keep. I’ve told them I forgive them and I’ve let go of the hope of returning. Dabar and ASA was a hard turning point too, where it really seemed there is no chance this is going to resolve in sudden change of heart on their part.

This is when and why several people came to the conclusion PS needs to grow. We cannot become a recovery group for BioLogos fallouts. That is a waste if everyone’s time. We just have work to do that won’t be done if we don’t do it. This work does not include nursing our wounds.

I will continue caring about BioLogos, because I should. They are good people doing the best they know how. I still seek reconciliation with them, and eagerly await for that desire to be reciprocated. Nonetheless, it does not seem like our values and goals are aligned. I suspect we will never be in the same camp again. Hopefully still we can partner together and help each other be better at what we do. Right now the best way to describe the situation is “dysfunctional,” but it doesn’t have to be this way. I hope and ask and pray for reconciliation.

@T.j_Runyon you mentioned you were going to raise this with them. I hope they understand that I am not out to get them, and I genuinely seek reconciliation.

@Patrick I know your often defending me from them in your rhetoric. Thank you. I’m past my injury and can fend for myself. Let’s move to seeing how we can help them be better so we can win together.

@gbrooks9 and @randy and others at BioLogos, I’m glad you are still with them. This is not a zero sum game. I hope they only grow and do better from here. Please understand any crticism that arises from me regarding BioLogos is in the hopes that (1) it would be helpful to them, (2) answer legitimate questions about what we are doing different here, and (3) increase understanding.