Research links atheism to emotional suppression

Interesting article sumarry, and I’d say this matches my expertises with most atheists. Where it doesn’t fit well IMO, is for the most students anti-theists, who can be very emotional.

Edit: Link fixed.

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Here’s a working link to the article in PsyPost.

The study is published here:

Note that “emotional suppression” has a specific meaning (it’s about expressing, not about feeling). Here is a quote from one of the researchers:

“Compared to non-atheists (which includes agnostics and the nonreligious as well as believers), atheists are not more likely to manage their emotions by thinking differently about situations. Atheists are more likely to resist expressing their emotions, however, and people apparently notice this even if they don’t know someone is an atheist,” he told PsyPost.


I have no reaction to that.


That really pisses me off.


Probably because you are not an atheist.

Research also shows that evangelicals often have voices that suddenly swoop upwards in volume. Episcopalians, on the other hand, rarely do that. Adherents of Judaism and Catholics feel a lot of guilt …


I LOL’d then cringed since anyone who knows me will have every reason to doubt my atheism.

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See? See? Deep down where your true feelings lie, you are – even if you won’t admit it – secretly nothing but a nonreligious agnostic.