Scientists Backtrack on Adam and Eve


Shouldn’t the title read “Biologos backtracks on Adam and Eve” and not “Scientists” since Biologos is not a scientific organization to start with. I feel like the title is eyebaity.


Some of them are scientists. They also claim to represent scientists.

The article is about Biologos backtracking, not just it’s scientists. The title should have reflected so or should have read “Biologos scientists…”. The current title makes it seem like the entire community of scientists have had a rethink on A&E when only a tiny subset working for a religious organization have. The newspaper title is eyebaity.

By the way, I am glad to see Rotimi (a Yoruba tribe name), a US-born/raised, Nigerian celebrity make it into a newspaper of US evangelicals. I guess his fame has taken him that far. Didn’t know Adam had badass tattoos too :smile:


So send the newspaper a note. Maybe they will make a correction.

The paper has been published in print so I don’t see how that would be possible.

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