Scott asks questions about evolution

Hello, I got the Email inviting conversation. Evolution is a Hoax. And Adam and Eve are a logical Scientific concept.

  1. Fish, Ferns, foul, Clams, Whales, just about everything is in the fossil record and also living today unchanged. You would expect a glut of very funny looking things in steps of evolution in the fossil record and almost no modern day species… instead you find the opposite.
  2. The DNA of about 7 Billion people is statistically exactly the same. Not a plethora of variations. Uneducated people do not realize that while there may be a million slight differences its almost nothing when considering the size of the library. The DNA differences is less than a half of book in a massive library. Riccardo Sabatini a specialist in the area does a Ted talk on how to read the Genome and build a human being. He is on the cutting edge of Science. I use his conclusions to come up with my statement above. So, it makes sense that there is a common ancestor and that we are copies of that one couple. ergo: Adam and Eve.

I don’t. I find a glut of funny looking things - Dinosaurs, Trilobites, Ammonites, eurypterids, jawless fish, toothed birds, 6ft centipedes, plesiosaurs, glyptodonts, pterodactyls, uintatheria, giant sloths, graptolites, belemnites, and others - and at most a handful of modern species.

Which modern species (not families, orders, etc) have you found in the fossil record?


Funny is in the humor of the beholder, but opposite to your opposite, steps of evolution is well documented in the fossil record.

You are Canadian. Have you been to the Tyrrell Museum? There you will find innumerable fossils from the Cambrian to the Pleistocene, none of which are current.


Soon the Elephant will go extinct like the T-Rex, and if you find their fossils great… that doesn’t prove evolution. It just means they went extinct. it doesn’t mean they diversified. The fact that there isn’t a billion intermediate species leading up to the T-Rex and Elephant etc. again is proof there is no evolution. The fossil record is filled with star fish, worms, clams, bugs and just about everything else living today and of course as you pointed out some extinct things…

I already said, fish ferns, foul, trees, clams, whales etc. etc… All you have shown is that sloths, Trilobites and Dinosaurs went extinct. They didn’t diversify. The exact opposite of Evolution has happened.

Millipedes, unless you know something I don’t.

There are thousands of modern species in the fossil record. Of course that’s only the quite recent fossil record for the most part, Pliocene and Pleistocene.


That’s silly. Trilobites diversified extensively, especially in the Ordovician. And so did dinosaurs, and in fact there are over 10,000 living species. And “fish” encompass so much diversity, most of it extinct, that your dismissal in a single word is just ignorant. The farther back you go in the fossil record, the less the species look like living ones. You can’t find a single Cambrian fish that looks anything like any modern fish at all. And there weren’t even any plants in the Cambrian, much less any ferns.


You can’t use “statistically” and “exactly” the way you did. That’s contradictory.

There are several million differences (depending on the metric you use) between any two humans. That’s tons of variation.

There are a more than “a million slight differences” between any two humans. At the level of SNPs alone, one human differs from another at ~4 million sites. These genetic differences greatly account for the uniqueness of each human being.

This does not follow from your preceding points. The high degree of similarity at the level of single nucleotides only leads us to the conclusion that all humans descend from a common ancestor. Mt-DNA and Y-Chr-DNA analyses show that all extant humans descended from one woman and one man (both of whom were part of an existing population, and shared common ancestry with other members of that population).

Furthermore, the high degree of sequence similarity between us and other great apes like Chimpanzees (~98.8% identical) and Gorillas (~98.4% identical) at the level of single nucleotides lends provides excellent support for our shared ancestry with them.


Rats. I hate it when that happens.

Hey at least your profile pic is appropriate for the contents of your post.

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“Whales” isn’t a species - there are dozens of species of whales. Nor are “fish”, “ferns”, “trees” or “clams” species either. Or ‘fowl’. All of those contain thousands of species and a range of diversity. Sloths didn’t go extinct. Nor did dinosaurs - they diversified, some into birds. Trilobites also diversified.

You’ll not convince me evolution is a hoax. You don’t even know what a species is.


Thats sort of like saying that white people and black people don’t look like Asian people so they are not people. there will be many variations of just about everything, like dogs and roses, it doesn’t means that there is evolution going on.

now now… that is not very scientific.

I am not trying to make a dictionary… Just speaking in generalities… google living fossils…

No problem. There are many variations of primates, but that doesn’t mean there’s evolution going on. There are many variations of mammals, but that doesn’t mean there’s evolution going on. There are many variations of eukaryotes, but that doesn’t mean there’s evolution going on. Got it.

Wrong end of the horse, though.


I manufactured the point from a visual depiction of our DNA by : Riccardo Sabatini:
ted (dot) com/talks/riccardo_sabatini_how_to_read_the_genome_and_build_a_human_being/transcript?language=en
The point is that Adam and Eve suggest only one track and not a dozen and not evolution from several different areas, lets say fish turned into mudskippers, (living fossil) turned into a lizard turned into a cat turned into a pig turned into a money turned into a person. and then another species, lets say a killer whale turned into a hypo turned in to a dog turned into ape turned into a human… Poof you would have two different DNA’s and likely two different looking Humans.
The Point is, our DNA across the world of all 7 billion people is basically exactly the same except for the small variations of a small section of DNA which Riccardo Sabatini nicely illustrates. I think its a logical and scientific conclusion that our DNA represents one single line. If there was 10 or 20 then all of them died except one and the whole human races is one race not 5 or 7.
Without the ability to do DNA testing on really old fossils there will be no way to know if so called intermediates like so called Lucy could have been a different line from different beginnings…

There was a 30 year experiment on bacteria to see if they could make it resistant and they took these samples and cultured the same bacteria over and over because of the rapid replication getting thousands maybe millions of generations and they were able to make it resistant to different things but even after trying to force it, they were still only bacteria. I think it was Dr. Richard Lenski

Of course it was, it was straightforward observation.

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Nobody tried to force the bacteria in that experiment to evolve into anything other than bacteria, and in fact that experiment is also not designed to make the bacteria evolve resistance to anything.

Here is the founder of the experiment telling us exactly what the purpose of it is:

So it’s mainly about finding out whether and how far fitness can continue to increase, the rate at which adaptation occurs, and whether and to what extend evolution is predictable/replayable.

The results so far strongly indicates that fitness increase can continue to increase effectively indefinitely, though the rate will slow down over time and appears to follow a power law relationship, and that evolution is largely unpredictable and populations will continue to diverge more and more until the end of time.

So everything you wrote there is demonstrably wrong.