Side Comments on Beyond Reasonable Doubt: Evolution from DNA Sequences

If you look at the eukaryotic cell it is certainly very different then a prokaryotic cell. As in Winstons paper a third hypothesis is common design. Common design based on the observed differences would favor separate origins.

When you look at the probability of a prokaryotic cell forming in nature it refutes the analysis. When you look at the probability of a prokaryotic cell evolving into a eukaryotic cell it also refutes the analysis as you have to account for the origin of very complex protein structures like the spliceosome. Common design seems to be the only rational inference.

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Stay on topic @colewd. Don’t bring in other lines of argument till you engage with this one. @Winston_Ewert’s paper looks at a different line of evidence and has little to do with this.


Is that at all possible? I am not doubting you. It certainty would answer questions about God’s creation and how it was done. Good luck.

That would be interesting.

Random question: how are people getting their links to appear in boxes? For example @pnelson’s link to Fang et al (2018) with the authors and abstract isolated in the box?

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See how I edited your OP.

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