Side Comments on Bottlenecks and Trans-Species-Variation

The first error you make in all this is saying likeness in dna is evidence of common descent. Its not. Its only evidence of likeness.
The bible says clearly man was created by god from the dust, woman from that man, and so looking like primates would only be a good idea within a biological plan for life. in other words it could only be we look like a biology general plan. What else could we look like to prove we wewre created separately???
Three heads or nine eyes??
If we were created within a biology plan then we would have the best bodyplan for a God imaged being. The ape bodyplan is the best one.
Thats the only reason we have/rent the primate bodyplan.
Saying our likeness, looks/dna, is , AT ALL, evidence of common descent is pure lines of reasoning with no practical evidence.
if we were created separately WE ALSO would lokk/dna like chimps.!
DNA means nothing as anatomy means nothing for us if Genesis is being questioned.
Evolutionists convince themselves too quick we are primates because we have a primate like body.
Alright but DON’T SAY ITS BIOLOGICAL evidence. anatomical or genetic!!
its just lines of reasoning. its not science.

This is a scientific discussion between to scientists @swamidass and @John_Harshman. Sit back and learn how science is done. You’ll get time to ask questions, but please give these two real scientists space to do the work of science.