So about panspermia…

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Could I ask a favor? If you’re trying to make some kind of point, could you do so explicitly?



The more we know, the less likely it looks that panspermia is involved in carbon-based life on earth.

In conjunction with that, the more we learn, the less likely it looks that carbon-based life exists anywhere else.

Also for discussion, here or in a new thread, is the likelihood of non-carbon-based life existing anywhere.

So @DaleCutler if we did fine bacteria on Mars would this be most likely to be abiogensis or panspermia from earth?

I don’t see a connection between any of those three things and the article you linked. As well as stating your point, could you also make the argument for it?

Ejecta from earth. (I doubt it would be alive, in which case it would neither be panspermia nor abiogenesis.)

Connection: extraterrestrial life.

Sir, do you seriously think that explains anything? Please try again.

No one really holds to panspermia in OOL research. Everyone I have read anyway.

Is there a reason that you don’t ask the same of Patrick and his constant stream of OPs? To me it appears like you have a double standard.

Do you seriously think that the idea of extraterrestrial life is not a connection common to all four??

Do you perhaps mean he has?

I generally don’t read them. How things appear to you are very seldom a matter of concern for me.

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Sure it is. But you need more than a connection. You need some kind of coherent argument. What do you think the article means for panspermia? Why?

You said you did not see a connection. I gave it to you. And yet you complain. Maybe you should ask the right questions.

I grow weary of your avoidance. Say something meaningful or go home.

[returned insult removed]

There I go again, replying in kind and returning insult for insult.

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Yet you think that how things appear to you ought to be of concern to others. How odd. There does in fact seem to be a bit of a double standard at work here. Are you going to save the world John, with your posts here at PS?

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You almost never contribute anything of value to PS. I should probably just ignore you.


Insults are valuable.