Speaking of CSI

If a million people pray their ticket wins the lottery but only one person wins, is that evidence God answered the winner’s prayer?


It would be to the person who wins it, right. For good or bad, religious interpretation is pretty subjective!

Isn’t that just post hoc rationalization?

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Logic is notoriously over-emphasized in the development of religious bias.

It is unclear why you appear to be calling everyone who has observed the events a liar – many involve more than one person* and there is nothing ‘unnatural’ about the individual events themselves, no woo involved, to use one of your favorite terms. The events are each as objective as any recorded in a field researcher’s notebook.

*If I recall correctly, most if not all in Rich Stearn’s did, as well as many of Steve Saint’s and many of mine, to name a few obvious liars. (Augustine’s conversion involved a co-instance, too.)

I didn’t call anyone a liar. I said all you keep offering are unsubstantiated personal anecdotes, which you do. If that’s the extremely low bar you set for yourself concerning evidence, so be it. It’s obvious supporting your heavy religious biases through any means are your primary driver in these matters. More power to you if those religious blinders makes you happy, just don’t expect to convince anyone else.

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Please, please ignore me. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: We would both be better off.