ICYMI: Dr. James Tour & Dr. Rebecca McLaughlin

This discussion was too good not to share. Dr. Tour and Dr. Laughlin on science, philosophy, metaphor, and more.

Rebecca is my kindred spirit as a woman also with a literature background.

The section on Lazarus brought me to tears. I’d never heard the passage explained quite that way before. It’s towards the end, but worth hanging in there for it.

I gave it 30 minutes.

The problem with videos like this is I can read the same content much faster than I can get it by watching talking heads. That goes for any subject matter.


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Hey, she answered correctly on the question whether it is really true that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”? The answer is yes, they do. I wonder how she would respond to someone like William Lane Craig who insists extraordinary claims don’t require extraordinary evidence.


You can see here:

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This is such an obvious consequence of Bayes’. Something WLC uses frequently. So I was always puzzled when he claimed that.


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