Story Two: Genetic-Interbreeding Adam

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This topic will be a place to discuss the genetic-interbreeding Adam. This includes the current Reasons to Believe model (@AJRoberts) : Engaging the Zoo of RTB Models.

The second story is the most recent, and it is about genetic -interbreeding progenitorship (discussion). If Adam and Eve were about 200 thousand years ago, it might be possible they were the genetic progenitors of Homo sapiens , as long as their offspring interbred with other hominids like Neanderthals. This finding is not settled yet , and will be looked at more closely with Reasons to Believe this Fall

The Three Stories are discussed separately on these threads:

  1. Story One: Ancient Sole-Genetic Progenitor Adam
  2. Story Two: Genetic-Interbreeding Adam
  3. Story Three: Recent Sole-Genealogical Progenitor Adam

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(S. Joshua Swamidass) #2

@Agauger and @AJRoberts, I’m hoping you can help me enumerate the theological questions that arise in this model. I think the questions about interbreeding are where the important challenges will arise, and only some of the solutions in the Genealogical Adam model will apply. This is where things could become interesting.