Study methods

Given that we seem to have a lot of educators on this forum, I am wondering whether people have suggestions as to effective study methods? I am asking this from the perspective of wanting to improve my ability to interact with texts on various topics and not just passively read and hope I remember things.
I am aware that there are different theories on this such as “advanced information processing”, “spaced repetition” etc. Something I only just came across while watching the following video

I figured that there are a lot of lay-persons here who try to learn things just out of curiosity about the subject; perhaps not something that would benefit just me. Any thoughts from educators? I would love to actually improve in how I approach material - whether on science, science/theology related topics, or my main reading on Greek / linguistics.


For myself it’s the classics; read it, hear it write it, say it, use it, teach it.
Systematic repetition makes sense too.

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