Sy Garte: Should Christians ‘Believe in Science’ amid a Pandemic?

@sygarte joined digital media producer Morgan Lee and editorial director Ted Olsen to discuss the historic distrust between Christians and science, what science can and cannot answer, and how Christians should engage in conversations with neighbors who are suspicious of science.


I really liked most of the interview, except the part where they seemed to imply that scientists who work in industry cannot be trusted. Unfortunately, this is a negative view I hear often, also from my former colleagues in academics, who have jokingly asked me, “what is it like on the dark side?” Or even the milder question, “why did you decide to leave academics?” It’s also a common trope found in movies. While there are examples of malfeasance to be found (they can be found amongst academics, as well) such abuses are not the norm. Companies would not survive long if they made therapies, vaccines, and devices that do not work. Industry scientists serve the important role of bringing good technologies and therapies to patients who need them


This is unfortunate. The scientists are usually to be trusted, even in industry. Though there certainly are exceptions both in industry and in academia.

It was not overt or intentional, but a more subtle impression that came in answer to a question about how to know who to trust in this internet age. I’m sure they would have come up with a more cohesive and clear response had it been a written format instead of a free form interview setting. But I think this trope is something to be aware and cautious of, because those are the types of ideas that make people distrust vaccines and traditional cancer therapies

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I stopped right there. Unfortunate, and unfortunately predictable.

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