The Creation Project Recognizes Peaceful Science

Please to note that The Creation Project recognizes Peaceful Science on their main page, alongside other leading organizations.

  • Answers in Genesis
  • BioLogos
  • Colossian Forum
  • Discovery Institute
  • Faraday Institute for Science and Religion
  • Peaceful Science
  • Reasons to Believe

What an honor.


Good find and a sign of things to come.

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Very subtle and unannounced. Though it is also an honor, and exciting too. We are not even an organization, and we are taking our place alongside other much more established than us.

Well I hope Peaceful Science can continue to grow and have an impact and that I can be a part of it. Really cool!

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So this leads me to one of the first questions I had about Peaceful Science. I’ve spent the last two days reading as much as I can on the forums but while there is a lot of diversity in people, I’m not seeing nearly as much diversity of topics as those other organizations. Obviously I’m not expecting a lot considering Peaceful Science hasn’t been around long and it doesn’t have the resources that those other organizations have.

So my question is, is Peaceful Science “planned” to encompass much more than Adam and human evolutionary history? There may not be an answer right now, and that’s fine. I’m a physical chemistry myself and do very little with biological systems, so at this point I’m mostly here to learn and not to contribute per se.

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Yes we are planning to do more. We are already doing more. I’ll post some links soon.

Most defintely. I’m finalizing plans for an office hours session with Theologian Randal Rauser on ways to have more productive conversations, intellectual fairness, etc. I hope to officially announce it by the end of the day.

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Congrats. But it does make me a little nervous to be on any kind of list with AIG at the top.

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It means we could be on our way to being the fifth voice. Also, I think it is an alphabetical list.

@Jordan you are right there does seem to be a narrow focus sometimes. But then Genealogical Adam and the Two-population model for humanity is sort of what our host is known for. I checked the topics I posted and the way I scored it only 7 of 17 were on Adam, so it is not like all of us are one-trick ponies or anything, but it is something that maybe all of us regular contributors should be mindful of.

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Yes we do plan for more. For example…

  1. Very soon, we are announcing a book club on @AndyWalsh’s book., which has nothing to do with Adam (The Axiom of Belief). Considering a Peaceful Science Book Club

  2. We engage the public often, spanning between faith-science-injustice. In way, we are hoping to nurture a public theological voice in a pluralistic society. This category gives some examples, and we can expect it to grow Public Square - Peaceful Science, and this thread’s videos are emblematic: Veritas Forums the Week Dad Died (January 2018) - #11 by J.E.S.

  3. We are inviting scholars on a regular basis to engage with us in Office Hours: Office Hours - Peaceful Science. What are Office Hours? In particular, be sure to join us soon for, Greg Cootsona: "Mere Science" and Adam's Empty Chair.

  4. We are hoping to see a new confessional voice in science rise, The Confessing Scientist,

  5. We are seeking peace with atheists: The Rift Between Atheists and Christians.

  6. We are seeking peace with other Christians by engaging their questions and proposals: AJ Roberts: One of The Biggest Questions, Winston Ewert: The Dependency Graph of Life

  7. Perhaps most importantly, we seek to be a neutral voice in science, that can be a trusted place for others to come and learn, free of theological agendas.

The reason Adam comes up so much is because it is the most important nexus of conflict between evolution and creation. Here, we see questions about God’s action, inerrancy, genetics, common descent, and everything else converge. Most importantly, it brings us to the grand question: what does it mean to be human? This question is asked by everyone, it is one of the grand questions of origins.

At Peaceful Science, rather than answers, we want to engage the questions, the grand questions of origins.

In this, we are the fifth voice. The leading camps are YEC, OEC, ID, and TE/EC, often represented by AIG, RTB, Discovery, and BioLogos. We might become the fifth voice. The neutral voice of science, that values honesty, community, and questions over polemics, advocacy and answers.

Do you have any questions @Jordan?

We are not merely focused on Adam. We are much bigger than just this. We are seeking peace in the creation wars, and recovering a confessional voice in science. The Genealogical Adam is just one of many efforts towards that goal.