The explosive origins of pottery during the last ice age

(Jeremy Christian) #21

Actually, I addressed it by providing quotes from archaeologists, anthropologists, and cultural historians backing up what I’m saying. How is that ignoring it?

(Timothy Horton) #22

You didn’t address it at all besides hand waving away the 7000 BC date as in your woo’s range

(Jeremy Christian) #23

Without free will everything behaves according to a singular law… natural law. There’s balance and harmony.

With free will there are numerous differing and competing wills.

(Jeremy Christian) #24

So if it were just me saying those things, that would have been better? Coming from archaeologists and anthropologists instead is me not addressing it?

(Timothy Horton) #25

You didn’t post anything on the topic from archaeologists or anthropologists . You posted some off topic non-sequiturs and a lot of BS from a religious book called “The Fall”. Lying about how you dodged the evidence isn’t very nice of you. I’ve noticed “winning” is a lot more important to you than honesty.

Tell us again how a “free will” person from China made it across Siberia and all the way Central America to “influence” the entire population there while not “influencing” a single native in North America during the journey.

(Jeremy Christian) #26

The last two were from The Fall (not a religious book by the way). The first three were these …

"It is an error, as profound as it is universal, to think that men in the food-gathering stage were given to fighting… All available facts go to show that the food-gathering stage of history must have been one of perfect peace. - Archaeologist WJ Perry

“For the first ninety-five thousand years after the Homo sapiens Stone Age began (until 4000 BCE), there is no evidence that man engaged in war on any level, let alone on a level requiring organized group violence. There is little evidence of any killing at all.” - Anthropologist Richard Gabriel

“The prevailing view is still that male dominance, along with private property and slavery, were all by-products of the agrarian revolution…despite the evidence that, on the contrary, equality between the sexes - and among all people - was the general norm in the Neolithic” -Riane Eisler, American Scholar, Cultural Historian

(Neil Rickert) #27

And why cannot people use their free will to choose balance and harmony?

(Jeremy Christian) #28

They can, they just don’t.

You’ve met people, right?

(Jeremy Christian) #29

This discussion is documented. The reply is still there. If you’re going to accuse me of lying, show the lie.

(Timothy Horton) #30

Which had absolutely nothing to do with the physical evidence of the brutal tribal massacre 7000 years ago, an event which you say is impossible for humans to commit without “free will”.

Dodging all the evidence and twisting facts like you do is sure making you look good to your religion.

(Neil Rickert) #31

That depends on the circumstances.

(Timothy Horton) #32

You just did it for me by reposting the same non-answers.

(Jeremy Christian) #33

How are quotes from experts in the field we’re discussing speaking specifically about what we’re discussing a non-answer?

As far as I can tell the only answer you’d be satisfied with is, “You’re exactly right, Tim.”

(Timothy Horton) #34

There you go lying again. The quotes you posted had nothing to do with the 7000 year old human massacre.

Do you think God approves of lying in his name?

(Jeremy Christian) #35

You can’t be serious.

(Timothy Horton) #36

You convinced me there’s no point in having a discussion with someone who will lie so shamelessly to “win”. You’re a real credit to your religion.

(Jeremy Christian) #37

What’s my religion?

(Timothy Horton) #38

Apparently you worship your own ego.

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(Jeremy Christian) #39

I have no reason to lie. I want this hypothesis challenged. That’s why I come here and engage in these discussions. If anything you had said or referenced legitimately challenged it I would be receptive. I have no reason to lie. I want you to win. But you’re going to have to drop the assumption that I’m just some delusional believer who will say/do anything to justify and rationalize those beliefs. I’m telling you honestly exactly what I think and why I think it.

(George) #40


If you study psychiatric diagnostics, you might conclude the opposite. If someone cannot sit quietly in a room… but simply must get up and start causing a fuss… this could be diagnosed as a compulsion … the part of the human mind that humans do not control very well.