The Extra Face in Mount Rushmore

How do you know this is true?

How do I know that “maybe we cannot know something” conclusively? I don’t know.

Possibly my comma misuse threw you off? It would have been more clear if I had said:

With biology, maybe we cannot know because the method used to modify a species is the same method regardless of the source of the action.

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What does “kinds of sequences” mean?


Agreed. This is a variation wherein the some kind of prior knowledge, and meddling led to the final result. At any rate, it is impossible to be able to know this for certain.

We know that life on earth is dependent upon a moon like ours with all of its peculiarities. A rogue planet had to hit the earth at just an angle, with specific momentum, in order to eject the heavy atmosphere and result in the moon. That could have happened “randomly” or it could have been orchestrated… if it were so, we’re not going to see any signs of the planet being launched toward the earth just so. We are merely left to wonder how it occurred, as in was it caused or random.

This is a claim that the method to modify species is known. How would you support that claim?

Do you disagree that species are a product of their genetic makeup?

But I think you are reading far too much into what I’m saying anyhow.

In part yes they are a product of their genetic make up but I know of an exception so there are probably more.

Fair enough :grinning:

so you dont see design here?:

(image from wiki).

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If you look at a spectrum of low to high design detectability this would be closer to high detectability then the cheese sandwich. :slight_smile:

Bet you don’t.

And here come @scd and @colewd to ruin another thread…


Rejecting options based not on evidence but solely on your gut feel will take you nowhere in science. That’s one reason why ID holds the zero credibility position in science it does, my friend.

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You’re twisting that rather badly. I asked you why IDers weren’t looking at all for physical signs of manufacture. You came back with the why bother looking for a factory on the sea floor and I merely asked how you could rule out a factory when you have zero evidence at all. I can easily hypothesize space aliens with a factory ship full of super CRISPR technology parked on the sea floor churning out those Cambrian trilobites. No one asked you to defend the “factory” hypothetical. Asking you tough questions seems to be a trigger with you for some reason.

BTW I’m still waiting for you to explain how a pattern in a genome or genomes can tell you when, where, and how the genome was manufactured as you claimed here.

Again that is nothing personal, just asking to explain and/or defend what you asserted.

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It appears to me you are trying to build straw-men. It would serve you well to understand the ID argument first.

Ok. I’ll bite. What men of straw am I erecting?

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What in the world??!! What is your exception??

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I told that I would not answer because that would put people’s work in jeopardy.

I’m trying to understand how that would happen.


Let me give you a hypothetical. Suppose I were to disclose enough information about what to look for and where, could you devise a search strategy to identify researchers working on similar projects? If you were hard core enough, could you check out their backgrounds? What would happen then?

Here is an example. You are talking about a being. This is not the design argument.