The Higgs Particle's Last 'Daughter'

In a finding that caps years of exploration into the tiny particle known as the Higgs boson, researchers have traced the fifth and most prominent way that the particle decays into other particles. The discovery gives researchers a new pathway by which to study the physical laws that govern the universe.

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“We found it exactly where we expected to find it and now we can use this new pathway to study the Higgs’ properties,” said James Olsen, professor of physics and leader of the team at Princeton. “This has been a truly collaborative effort from the beginning and it is exciting to see the amplification of effort that comes from people working together.”

Bittersweet for particle physics. No big surprises, not want to discriminate the large menagerie of models that bridge from the standard model to relativity or dark mater or dark energy. I wonder what happens next…

Not much new physics coming around. Just the plain old universe that we pretty much understand from after the first femtosecond until now. What a wonderful world we live in. And at a great time. Can you image what can be accomplished if we just worked at it and stopped arguing with each other? Hey, I got to be honest with you. I never thought I would develop a fond friendship with you. For some reason, it developed and now it is very important to me that you succeed without being hurt. Really strange for me to do this as this is usually reserved for “family”. Perhaps you are. Perhaps we share a GA in Sicily in the 1800’s?

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We are fond friends @patrick. Surprising friends too, as you have a knack for driving some of my other friends nuts. The irony is that we all have a great deal of common ground. It ends up being our common failing to focus in on our disagreements (which can be substantial) instead of our commonness.

I hope this is successful too, and I’m glad you are coming along for the ride. Still don’t know where this is going yet, but it seems like it is just the beginning.

As for Sicily in the 1800s, I’m not sure that is likely, but maybe the Silk Road gives us a connection through the Medici? Who knows :smile:. In the end, we are one family. We just have start learning how to live like that is true. I look forward to meeting you someday in Philly. That should be really fun.

Then it must be the Genealogical Neanderthal Adam that we share.

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