The Mystery Of India's Plummeting COVID-19 Cases

This again, might be easily obtainable in the US, but from where I come from, its not so clear cut.

I agree. I will look up any available data to make the necessary comparisons.

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If what you say is true then a combination of factors are at work that seem to solve the mystery posed in the article in the OP. If more cases and deaths than have been and are being reported, combined with a greater proportion of Indians having generally more resistance to infection (either because they have well-trained immune systems because of living in unclean environments, or possibly also due to some degree of selection from this same environmen), combined with an increase in people following stricter guidelines, and a growing number of people having become immune through mild or undetected infections, then that would all contribute to an appearance of reducing numbers of cases.

That even sounds more realistic to me than the idea that any particular single cause explaining a large majority of any detected reduction in cases.

Yes, but not in the direction you were assuming.

We have the capacity and ability, but with the federal government in denial, not enough of that was implemented.

You’d be surprised at how much better than the USA many countries are at this stuff.

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