The new face of South American people

More papers on the migration in Americas

Excellent reporting that accurately navigates the complex interplay between genetic and genealogical ancestry. Notice how a large migration in the past is shown to produce no genetic evidence in present day? Also the migration 4.5 kya, well after the land bridge is closed?

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Combined with the ancient genome data from Europe and Asia, it seems that large migration 4.5 kya was the norm. We all are a recent mix of a mix of a mix.

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Exactly correct. I’ve been saying the evidence of ancient DNA just increases likelihood of recent GA.

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And that is exciting. I do wonder how many people around the world will be willing to accept that evidence. It defies a lot of our intuition. (The idea that an island like Madagascar wasn’t nearly as isolated as we tend to assume is kind of mind-boggling. Yet we keep seeing evidence that suggests the mixing never totally stopped for long. Total isolation is apparently quite hard to maintain. What Joshua has published on this topic really revolutionized my thinking—to put it bombastically.)


I hope you can publish something serious on this before long in a journal that explains what you think the implications for theology are. Would you be willing to do this?

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I hope that you can publish something that eases racism, intolerance, inequality, and injustice. We are all cousins and our genomes and our genealogy show we are all from the same family, same race, same tribe.

Working on many things @patrick. This is very high on the list, but I’m waiting for others ready to work on that by putting skin in the game too. Most the race topics here are ghost towns. Why don’t you engage deeper on them? What are you waiting for?

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It is too hot a topic for a rich, white, atheist.

Until you get courage to deal with this, there will not likely be a way forward.

I would like to. Not sure if I could do a good job of it at this point.

I will see how I’m doing early next year.

If you can publish thing something, for example, at TGC, that would be really high impact. It would even be worth taking of some time from the forum to get that right.