The Origin of Young-Earthism 50 Years Ago


I don’t know where this might be relevant on Peaceful Science, but it’s an excellent account of how YEC itself has changed drastically over the 50+ years.


This is article is really good. It is by @kkeathley, who is a really important voice to watch going forward. We were really fortunate to have him be part of our first office hours here: Ken Keathley: Notes from Dabar and a Baptist's Hope.

In the article @deuteroKJ linked, his first sentence is an important confession:

I sometimes describe myself as a “disappointed young-earther.” By that I mean I started
out holding to the young-earth position, but the shortcomings of most of the YEC arguments and
the shenanigans of certain YEC proponents forced me to the old-earth position.

His final comment is wise:

I remind my students that they must keep the distinction between creation and creationism
in mind as we explore the important issues at hand. We must know what to hold firmly and what
must be open to revision. Our commitment to doctrine must be strong, but we should hold to any
particular apologetic approach much more loosely.

His review of the history of young earth creationism is really good. Both in the article that @deuteroKJ linked, and also the following blog series, he marks out the key claims of early YECs about 50 years ago. They had five initial pillars, that todays YECs largely reject:

  1. Opposition to Uniformitarianism:
  2. 2nd Law of Thermodynamics as an Effect of the Curse:
  3. The Canopy Theory:
  4. Rejection of the Geological Column:
  5. Dinosaur and Human Fossils Together:

The Extent of the Global Flood: Part 2

I also highly recommend his blog. There, he has a fascinating account of reading and old earth geology book and young earth geology book alongside one another there…

The Extent of the Global Flood: Part 1
The Extent of the Global Flood: Part 2
The Extent of the Global Flood: Part 3

The two books he reviews: