The Privilege of Escape


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Here is a key quote from the article:

Forty-one minutes and 13 seconds later, we emerge triumphant. The final code we cracked has gotten us out the door. It’s only when we finish, though, that we realize something is off. (Readers beware: A slight spoiler follows.) As we reunite with the second group, we discover that they didn’t escape in time — not because their members lacked skills or intelligence, but because of the room they were in. Simply put, they were forced to play with a major handicap, whose challenges they were unaware of because it was presented as part of the game. (When asked for feedback, someone from that group jokingly called the experience “hell.”) Meanwhile, we had the privilege of perfect conditions, which allowed us to achieve our full potential and escape.


For those who don’t have opportunity to visit the exhibit, it would be great if someone created an online simulation. This sounds like a wonderful educational opportunity.

I recently explained (and lamented) to a Christian acquaintance how one of my ancestors is immortalized in historical accounts of the Mystic Massacre of 1637, a horrific night time slaughter and burning of a Pequot village. As a generous reward for killing so many of the natives, his town gave him several hundred acres of prime land which greatly enriched that family line for generations. My acquaintance replied, “Of course, the Indians slaughtered many colonists as well.” The casual, coldly nonchalant reply and the conversation which followed convinced me that there was no acknowledgment of the sufferings, inequities, and overbearing sense of privilege (which eventually grew to be the doctrine of Manifest Destiny) within that first of what would be many massacres of native peoples in the centuries which followed. I shouldn’t have been surprised because I find throughout the American South so little awareness of how the “game” of history has had countless rules which have rigged the outcome for millions. Of course, an ignorance of history in general, especially social injustice, can make this kind of reality almost as inevitable as it is enduring.


There is no such thing as social inequality. unless someone is interfering with someone. like affirmative action. THAT IS SOCIAL INJUSTICE AND INEQUALITY.
Accusers of SE are accusers. Just go to court! The accused then can take them to court.
how would someone KNOW there is social inequality UNLESS they have the wisdom and love to decide who deserves what.
i got a hunch its the usual suspects!!
There is inequality in public institutions that with what is taught on origin matters. Creationism/Christian doctrines are not given equality or a tiny bit. We are oppressed. Including a common complaint creationist science folks are treated with inequality for jobs/promotion.
A nyways that accusation. Take to court!! America is about rights and then judicial process to defend ones rights. Accusation is not indictment or persuasive especially from the usual suspects.
Social inequality accusers are also just the old commies/marxists. The soviet union flopped. put a fork in it. Its done. Earn what you deserve , or given as a gift,.

It sounds like someone is oblivious to how the legal system works and how much tort cases cost to pursue.


If its not in court then its not just. its just the power of the accuser. So the accused, once again, tend to be the weak. if there REALLY was great accusations of social inequality then it would be worth going to court and winning. however the bad guys just accuse, try to bring a verdict in thier favour, without going to court. its all the wicked left wing types but could be anybody.