The Status of Panda's Thumb?

@Art, what is the status of Panda’s Thumb? Is it still active? I see that they published articles still, but at a much lower rate than in the past, and with fewer authors.

I’m curious how they are organized, and how you are all connected together. I know you have published with them, and I am curious what is going on with them. Are they winding down?

Panda’s Thumb still lives. One can trace its legacy back to the early 1990’s (late 1980’?) with the newsgroup and the Talk.Origins web pages originally hosted in Larry Moran’s lab at the U. of Toronto. Given an almost 30 year record of online discussion on creation/evolution subjects, I think many of the topics have been discussed to death by now. RTB and other Creationist groups haven’t introduced a lot that is substantially different for a number of years. Likewise, the DI is perceived as having its peak moment in the spotlight at the Dover and Kansas dust-ups. Within the US, the creation/evolution debate has significantly dropped into the background.


Argon. Do you know why the comment section of the page Battle in Beverly Hills: Reflections on the Prothero/Shermer vs. Meyer/Sternberg "debate," Nov. 30, 2009
has been removed? A quick check shows that older posts have retained comments but these have disappeared and can they be recovered? I did read the comments at the time before and after the audio was released and let me just say they was ‘interesting’ to say the least.

The comments can still be seen with the wayback machine. I took a look around a few other posts from 2009, and none of them display any comments now, but according to wayback machine did have some comments shortly after they were originally posted.

I suspect there was some of kind “clearing” of comments from a lot of old articles, either on purpose (for some reasons), or maybe they were lost for some reason. Maybe there were some problems on Disqus’s end.


If other comments have been removed, then I was wrong. Some earlier posts were linking to posts on PT back to 2007 and the comments were intact, as were the comments on all the other pages I checked. Thank you.

Thanks again. But I can only access the first page of comments. The ones after the audio was released are the interesting ones.

The Pandas Thumb is still active, although not nearly as in the past. Many of the founders have moved on to positions that demand most of their time. Also, there have been server and platform changes over the years. This is the main reason why comments may not be found, links may be broken, etc.