The Strengths and Weaknesses of *The Edge of Evolution*

Sure, no problem.

The discussion was instigated by the following response from Larry Moran to Michael Behe’s discussion of Moran’s criticisms that were published in Behe’s most recent book.

Is this a fair and accurate assessment of Behe’s argument in The Edge of Evolution? Are there any responses that could be offered to defend that argument?


We should not go with the framing of this as rhetorical battle. It’s much simpler to address as an objective question with no name-checking.

A central piece of the book is the idea that chloroquine resistance requires two simultaneous mutations that change single residues.

Does chloroquine resistance require two particular amino-acid residues to be changed, or just one, @Eddie? It’s a simple matter of evidence. If the evidence tells us one is sufficient, the premise is false. If the evidence shows that two are present, then we can address whether they need to be simultaneous, as the premise still may be false.

Behe has already admitted that his HIV premise was false by a factor of infinity.


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