The @Swamidass Model. What is "seeking peace"?


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I like how you put that @gbrooks9. You are really getting it.

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That’s why I asked George about the resurrection. Even if it took awhile to happen, and was not exactly a "voila!-“poof” instantaneous moment, that doesn’t deny how special the re-creating of life in a former corpse was on God’s part. It doesn’t strip away the miracle to posit a gradual warming up, prior to an interdimensional shift through the graveclothes, culminating in the freed, resurrected body of Jesus (nor did it wipe out Jesus’ genetic makeup or past life marks). No question George “gets it.”

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This sentence describes what sounds like an exotic NATURAL operation … rather than a simple miraculous POOF!

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There is a New Testament control, possibly, on this. Paul says that the last generation, which avoids death at the coming of Christ, will be changed “in the twinkling of an eye.”

It would seem the spiritual transformation of creation, of which the resurrection of the Lord is the firstfruits, doesn’t hang around!

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I may have too much of the soul of a physicist in me, but I posit a more gradual scenario at the resurrection so that the local energetic outcomes are less “damaged by” the energetic action supernaturally taking place in Jesus’ body. We basically have a phenomenon of “controlled time reversal” and “reverse entropy” taking place on a scale of operations large enough to have fascinating side effects. Was the rock covering the door to the tomb so much “rolled away” as “blown away,” e.g.? Was the angel there to prevent the stone from killing the soldiers, e.g.? I’m one of those weirdos who wonders about such things. Can’t help it!

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I look forward to there being an audible “Poof!”, to the great disappointment of all scientifically minded persons!

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I’d prefer an audible “Voila!” : ).
We do know, for certain, that the first words out of the resurrected Jesus’ mouth were NOT “Who’s got the remote?”

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Thanks for clarifying your thoughts; that was helpful to me.

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Fair enough. I wasn’t sure if this was the only issue (I expected it was at least among them) or if there were others in the main text. I can certainly understand your concerns about the appendix and will explore options for updating the book when possible.

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I think if you changed “soul of the physicist” to “soul of a meta-physicist”, it would be more consistent with your inclinations.

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Whatever you want to call it, it’s similar enough to Josh’s that he at least “likes” the thought. Why should I choose one over the other? The forensic historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus is overwhelming for anyone who’s willing to investigate the claims surrounding it. See Lee Strobel’s “The Case for the Resurrection,” e.g., for a popular treatment of the questions surrounding this departure from the normal way of things.

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I must admit that I change my thinking a great deal on how God created the universe. Here are the following views I can accept.

  1. Progressive Creation and Intelligent Design
  2. Evolutionary Creation and Intelligent Design
  3. Intelligent Design Theory and Day-Age Theory

Even though I disagree with Pat Robertson in some areas, if one were to drill down two or three miles, there is a different world than the one we know today. I cannot accept the Gap Theory because there is no GAP between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis1:2. If I accept the Flood of Noah, I would have to consider it a local flood in Mesopotamia. I can accept the Swamidass Model or the Lamoureux Model of Genesis 1-11 even though I tend to agree with Dr. Joshua. I respect Dr. Denis because he is a scholar too and a Christian. You are both scholars, Dr. Joshua, but you have slightly different views. As a Southern Baptist, I tend to be drawn to one and three.

Even though I feel the way I do, I must admit that Dr. Billy Graham does carry a lot of weight with me. He had a Bachelor of Theology from Florida Bible College and a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Wheaton College. He was a theologian and a bit of a scientist. One should respect the man. I know his spirit is in heaven until the resurrection of his glorified body. I told Billy about my parents and asked him to tell them that I love them when his spirit arrived at the gates of the Holy City.

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Peace is not having to wade through everybody else’s disputes… but still knowing where to find them if you want to.

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