The Trinity and the Old Testament

OK. I don’t understand your point.

When God is referred to as plural in the OT, there is no more reason to see this as pointing ahead to the Trinity than the Quran would be pointing back towards it.

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I’ve never argued for the plural of elohim to have anything to do with Trinity (I take it to refer to the divine council); thus my confusion why you made this response to my post. I do see latent binitarianism from other OT usage (a la Two Powers), but not in the label “God” itself.


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OK, I get it.

For those interested in exploring the two powers theology then Mike Heiser has some stuff on it, including a lecture

There is a difference of opinions about the ‘three persons’ idea. For starters, the Holy Trinity notion is a bit sketchy at best in Jewish theology. Along different lines there are groups within Christianity who are non-trinarian, although they tend to be outliers. It’s interesting – for me, and to be honest, I’m less interested in the dogma than in the history – that it took a few centuries for the Trinarian doctrine to win out and become established as a church dogma.

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