There’s no planet B

Living on a warming Earth presents many challenges. But these pale in comparison with the challenges of converting Mars, or any other planet, into a viable alternative. Scientists study Mars and other planets to better understand how Earth and life formed and evolved, and how they shape each other. We look to worlds beyond our horizons to better understand ourselves. In searching the Universe, we are not looking for an escape to our problems: Earth is our unique and only home in the cosmos. There is no planet B.

I am completely on board with those conclusions. Human bases on the moon or Mars are pretty impractical, but possible. But a significant migration of humans to Mars? That seems impossible.
Now many millions of years from now, the sun will begin to heat up and complex life on earth will become less and less possible. But one wonders if whatever humanity is at the time, whether some could make the journey to a warmer Mars for a last stand.

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