Todd Wood: A Call for Being Reasonable

I think there’s a disconnect here between Christians who have very different conceptions of how to approach the question of God’s relationship with the world. I presume @Chris_Falter, despite his agreements with Paul Price, also affirms that the motion of the planets and the evolution of living things would not have been possible without God creating and sustaining the laws of nature that makes these events happen. The question then becomes, how exactly does God sustain the laws of nature? Does he move the planets directly in a way such that it accords with what we call gravity and general relativity? Or is he “one causal step away” by endowing the planets (or spacetime) with causal powers that allow them to independently behave in that way?

Furthermore, if one is sympathetic to Michael Heiser’s Divine Council Worldview that the Bible speaks of the existence of multiple divine beings as part of the divine council and that God has delegated some of his authority in the universe to these beings, then the idea that immaterial angels guide the motion of the planets isn’t that far-fetched for even a modern Christian physicist to believe, even if nowadays we call these angels “the gravitational field”. The difference with something like Paul Price’s view is that we think such a view is not in conflict with the mainstream scientific explanation of the motions of the planets or the evolution of living things.