Todd Wood: A Call for Being Reasonable

And, of course, this is one of the reasons why he is treated quite poorly by many in the YEC community. I know from my own experiences in that community (when I was part of it)—and the tribalism and adamancy is far more aggressive today----that the predominant peer-pressure is to perceive the conflict as a major culture war with massive stakes. Wood is considered too friendly with the enemy, precisely because he refuses to join in the denigration campaign.

I have a lot of respect for Todd Wood but I would like to ask him: "If there is gobs and gobs of significant evidence for evolutionary processes but you nevertheless believe the evidence is not sufficiently compelling, such that the Theory of Evolution will eventually be rejected by the academy, how do you explain the fact that the massive consilience from so many fields of science continues to grow exponentially? Considering the sheer quantity of research by armies of scientists, why hasn’t the foundation crumbled? Wouldn’t we expect to see major flaws by now?