Two Classic Studies on Ape Language

After taking a look at Orangutan Mothers Discuss the Past, it is worth looking at some classic studies on Nim Chimpsky.

More than 19,000 multisign utterances of an infant chimpanzee (Nim) were analyzed for syntactic and semantic regularities. Lexical regularities were observed in the case of two-sign combinations: particular signs (for example, more) tended to occur in a particular position. These regularities could not be attributed to memorization or to position habits, suggesting that they were structurally constrained. That conclusion, however, was invalidated by videotape analyses, which showed that most of Nim’s utterances were prompted by his teacher’s prior utterance, and that Nim interrupted his teachers to a much larger extent than a child interrupts an adult’s speech. Signed utterances of other apes (as shown on films) revealed similar nonhuman patterns of discourse.

Apes really are not humans.

When i watched language youtube discussions by Chomsky(the ape namesake) and others they said it was a waste of time watching primates try to learn language. They emphasized it was mutation(s) that uniquely change hominids . Others still do think apes can be led to entry level language. as evidence of how people did.
Apes are not humans. They are only animals.

I’m confused. You’ve told us many times that categories and classifications are meaningless and arbitrary. So how did you determine that apes are animals but humans are not?


Its classification error . Not there is none.
Humans are made in Gods image. Our soul(which is almost everything).
All creatures are not made in gods image. So just dumb animals.
We are uniquely given another creatures body plan however.
We alone have another bodyplan because its impossible for our true identity to be reprsented in the common blueprint of biology. just as god could not have his own body however different.
so we were given the best one for fun and profit. the primate one. thats also why we know in creation week there was a primate kind.