U.S. Confidence in Organized Religion Remains Low

For @Greg Keep up the good work my friend, your having a great impact on increasing the ranks of the non-religious.

The stats were even more slanted against the church in the first century after the death of Christ. If im the last Christian in America, this does not mean its not true. I fully anticipate an eternal existence beyond the hear and now.

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I know many people who are vibrant Christians yet would say they are not confident in ‘church or organized religion.’ So I’m not sure what this reflects exactly other than what Christianity looks like now is different than the past and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


@Patrick, considering the fact that Jesus had a very low view of “organized religion”—an understatement if there ever was one—it is hardly unsurprising that most Christ-followers share his view. I certainly have little confidence in “organized religion”, including most religious authority structures which are labelled “Christian.”

Moreover, Jesus constantly emphasized that the majority of people (including those typically called “religious”) merely go through the motions of pursuing holiness and a relationship with God. For example, we’ve discussed the Parable of the Sower many times on these forum pages so I will not rehash those basics yet again in this thread.

Patrick, I do find it interesting that so many of your threads on Peaceful Science unknowingly make observations which tend to concur with what Jesus taught.

Oh my. Do we really need to cover the fundamentals of correlation versus causation?

Of course, in a very real sense, the first century was “the good 'ole days of Christianity” because the most significant events of all Christian history occurred in that century and the Gospel of Jesus Christ was taken to the Gentiles, soon spreading like fire throughout the Roman world.

Meanwhile, if I were to summarize the state-sponsored murder, famine, and low life expectancy history of Communist rule in the first half century of the Soviet Union (and much of contemporary Eastern Europe) as “the good 'ole days of Atheism”, would you agree with that? I can imagine many of the pro-atheism websites you like to cite would howl with gnashing of teeth over that one! (And howling while gnashing your teeth is really quite difficult to do! :wink: )

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