Vaccinated Against The COVID-19 Virus

I don’t actually feel any great sense of relief or anything like that having received the vaccine myself. It’s probably just denial, but I don’t have much fear of getting seriously ill myself, and mostly am just eager for enough people to get jabbed to we can return to some semblance of normal life.


I was supposed to get my 2nd shot of the vaccine next Wed, but I just received notice that it has been postponed and will be receiving it sometime between 35 and 42 days after the first one ( it was originally going to be 21 days.) The reason is a shortage of vaccines which has been a bit of a hot political issue here in Canada, with Pfizer delivering fewer doses than were originally expected. There is also some disagreement over how many doses can be given from a single vial, with Pfizer saying 6 but our regulatory body saying only 5.


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Better too strong than too weak IMO…


Got the first dose a week ago. Due for the second two weeks from now. At 67 I probably shouldn’t have but my medical plan briefly lowered the age limit from 75 to 65 here in California. After a couple of hours holding on the phone I was scheduled. First dose went down smoothly but I will plan on a little down time when I get the second.

I’ve been offered rabbit holes for my grateful without God response but never found them compelling. I may not have anyOne to send a thank you card to, but I certainly know what I feel.


Was that Kaiser? I think they only had that 65+ age limit for a day or two before bumping it back up to 75.

I got my first shot Wednesday, but before I got the notification last week I wasn’t expecting to get stuck before June. There are reasons I could have been bumped ahead in the queue, but I wasn’t expecting it.

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Yes. I just happened to hear about it from a neighbor walking by with his dog as I was taking out garbage. Clearly my karma received a bump up for handling that task. :wink:


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