White Evangelical Resistance Is Obstacle in Vaccination Effort

This is one of those topics I believe that Peaceful Science can make a positive impact upon.


I don’t object to getting vaccinated but have not yet done so. This article makes want to pick up my pace and get vaccinated. Loving my neighbor is enough reason for me to do it, but there’s something else I’m concerned about…

One of the things that Jesus did on earth was to warn Jerusalem that the way they were relating to Rome would bring repercussions.

I think that the way that a portion of the Church in the U.S. is relating to the larger culture (culture war involvement, political tactics, rejection of legit science, etc.) could bring repercussions.

We haven’t been loving our neighbors and we’re being anything but “wise as serpents and harmless as doves”.


Could bring? How many more people should die before you would consider that to be a repercussion?


This is good news.

Many high-profile conservative pastors and institutional leaders have endorsed the vaccines. Franklin Graham told his 9.6 million Facebook followers that Jesus would advocate for vaccination. Pastor Robert Jeffress commended it from an anti-abortion perspective on Fox News. (“We talk about life inside the womb being a gift from God. Well, life outside the womb is a gift from God, too.”) The president of the Southern Baptist Convention, J.D. Greear, tweeted a photo of himself receiving a shot.

I hope that, as we shift toward supply meeting demand, the government shifts to giving vaccines directly to family doctors and medical clinics. Doctors can just call up patients and say - we have a vaccine for you, when can we get you scheduled?

My in-laws were vaccine hesitant or just resistant to being the first in line, even though they were about following the science in everything else. Both my husband and I talked to my mother-in-law with seemingly little headway. Perhaps she was mulling it over, but a few weeks ago she got an email from her clinic asking her to sign up so she did. A more personalized request than “do this because the government tells you it’s good” is going to work better.


Obviously, but has anyone ever argued, “do this because the government tells you it’s good”?

Ha! John, did you do that intentionally? You coopted my word and used it to accuse me on a topic for which you have no idea what I think.

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In what way did I misunderstand what you wrote?

Your question seems to assume (confidently enough to take me to task) that I hadn’t considered death as a reprucussion for something (I assume Christian’s not getting vaccinated, though you didn’t specify).

I do appreciate pithiness. So, kuddos for that.

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So what was your intended meaning, if it wasn’t that “could bring repercussions” means that you think that there have not yet been any repercussions? That would be a part of any explanation of what you think I misunderstood.

I would say that a whole lot of the US deaths to date constitute repercussions, before we even get to the current anti-vax silliness.

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I see. I read my post again after reading your latest, and my post is not clear. And the repercussion you mentioned is weightier than what I had in mind.

When I mentioned “repercussions” I had in mind some Christians further isolating themselve, making more enemies and fuether losing touch with reality,

I do not (and did not when I wrote my post) think those are the only repercussions that have and will come from their antics.

The deaths of many have and will come from people refusing to social distance, wear masks, stay out of large groups and now, get vaccinated.


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