Vocal signals smile on the case for Human Exceptionalism

In this RTB piece, Faz Rana argues that humans are exceptional because of our vocal signals like smiling. He gets the science right on all this. But then he incorrectly limits this human exceptionalism of language and non-verbal gestures and facial expressions to just one species of humans - namely just homo sapiens of the past 40,000 years. His RTB model has this human exceptionalism appearing suddenly 40,000 years ago ignoring the mounting evidence that this process actually began with Homo Erectus 2 million years ago and evolved together with anatomical, genetic, and cultural changes through many species of humans.


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I don’t keep up on everything that Dr. Rana writes—but isn’t this a pattern in his writings? (That is, he limits some capability to Homo sapiens without describing how he reached that conclusion about such exceptionalism. I could be wrong but I think I’ve noticed this pattern in multiple articles by Rana.)

Meanwhile, I think Patrick gets today’s award for most https-oriented thread title. I would nominate something simpler, like “Vocal signals smile on the case for human exceptionalism” and confine the very helpful link to the OP post.


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