Website Redesign

We have made some very large changes to the website. What do you think?


I looks really nice to me! It’s got a lot going on (articles, videos, lots of links to the forum), but in an organized and readable way I think. I like it.

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I like it!! The organization of the articles is intuitive, and the presentation is good. My only nit pick is that the text is somewhat difficult to read with middle aged eyes and an expired eye glass prescription. More sharpness and contrast would help those with less than average eyesight.

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Which part of the website has the problem?

Also, the articles are displayed differently now too:

I like this format! It seems to simplify navigation considerably.

On the homepage, the description of the articles is gray text on a gray background. It’s a very, very minor nitpick.

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Slick! (Even to my myopic eye).

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It’s nice!

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