Were Neanderthals Humans?


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Here’s some fun:


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@AJRoberts Send this to Faz. Tell him that the 2% Neanderthals at PS sent it to him as a joke.

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There were no neanderthals. In thev 1800’s they were desperate to find humans not quite as evolved as us in a progression. So they found 'neanderthals" and made them in traits inferior but close to us. AS time went by smarter people studied the bones and found they were almost identical to us. so every year another article on how close they are to us.
However they were us but from segregated founder populations.

By the way the idea here of laughter is very wrong.
laughter is not a purpose but only a end result in a spectrum of human sounds. its just our words/sounds bunched up in a ball and then it bounces.
Babies laugh. it has nothing to do with agendas to cooperate.
there are youtube things on the origin of laughter.

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I was counting the no: of IF then statements in the article…

Its definitely worth a laugh…

If neanderthals could laugh… they definitely could laugh.

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So this was a conspiracy among scientists?

So the improvements in our understanding of neanderthals was due to “smarter people” studying the bones? Don’t you think the discovery of additional evidence had something to do with it? Is the advance of science due to ever smarter people becoming scientists? Or is scientific progress due to new evidence being examined and peer-review within the science academy accumulating ever increasing understanding of our world?

In any case, earlier in that same paragraph, you said that “There were no neanderthals.” If there were no neanderthals, how could there be any bones to study?

It appears from your posts on various threads that you object to scientists putting labels on things, whether those labels be neanderthals or even taxonomy groups like mammals and reptiles. I don’t understand why you have so many objections to labels.


I just don’t get it, back when I was in school, there were fourteen of us in my class (small town), thirteen, Eastern Orthodox Christians and one Muslim, we never had trouble with talking about things like Big Bang, Neanderthals, Global warming, old earth or evolution. Hell, my grandfather went to school for only four years and he already knew about evolution. (Granted, when he went to school, we were under communist rule so they learned about evolution pretty early on)

Why is it such a huge problem among YEC’s?

Of course, we didn’t talk about it too much, so, in retrospect, I can’t say where everyone stands.

Old earth is certainty though.

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i have objection to error.
U think people are smarter. Not just have more evidence. I thought everyone thought this.
As studies on these bones were made, including more of them, they realized they were no apemen but just folks who would fit right in present populations.
I predict they will cease to be a segregated hominid group. Just europeans in the outback.

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Central to this discussion is also what it means to be “created in God’s image.” Here is a speaker I find pretty fascinating, on letting the Hebrew scriptures mean what they meant to the times and audience to which they were originally written.

Would enjoy any scholarly feedback.
@jongarvey ? @KenKeathley ? @deuteroKJ ? @jack.collins ?

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If we put Adam and Eve as early innovators in agriculture, they end up in a time frame from 20,000 years ago (and maybe not even that early) to 6000 years ago.

With a timeframe this recent, Neanderthals dont even have any bearing on the possible Biblical scenarios.

To go back BEFORE THEN…when Neanderthals were around, is to suggest that Adam had ZERO affect on human agricultural history.