What Are Your Questions About Artificial Intelligence?

I conclude by asking for the questions of AI, instead of a statement of religious conviction about poorly understood technology.

@Jordan puts it well,

I think the danger you are pointing out, as I read your article, is that if we have a knee-jerk response before engaging with the science, we may end up with superficial theological responses that don’t properly engage in the tougher questions that we really need thoughtful Christian voices involved in.

I think one of the struggles here is that it this was set up as “Christian theology” vs “materialistic science” and so theology becomes the “brakes” to slow the inevitable march of science towards a value-less and purely utilitarian society. What I see in a place like Peaceful Science is a group of diverse people who share a lot of common ground but approaches the grand questions differently. What if scientists, Christians, and especially Christians in science (duh) got together to share their ethical concerns, what the possibilities look like, and chart out a path forward.

This article responds to the ERLC statement on AI, inviting theologians (and everyone else), to give us their questions. Let’s gather around, and consider what it means to be human together.