What creationist science class would be like


Yeah except the chair won’t be levitating, and the teacher will just say “there’s a book” that says chairs once levitated. There won’t be any experiments.


Can you cite the source? The artist deserves credit.

AND I’m pretty sure the source is Oglaf, so DO note that it may link to NSFW. :wink:

It is and it does and you know it.

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Yes, that’s Oglaf- one of the rare strips that isn’t NSFW.


Tests in science class would be easy. “God did it” would the be answer to all of the questions.

Happily. As noted above, many of the other comics on this site are most assuredly NSFW.

Abracademia (oglaf.com)

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Apropos Oglaf this one seems apposite:


I seem to recall reading that Oglaf was initially supposed to be just porn, but almost immediately they were compelled to put jokes in, and here we are.

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